Construction Litigation Involving Design Professionals

With a long history of representing architects, engineers, surveyors, interior designers and landscape architects, we recognize the proper approach for the defense of claims against design professionals. Our unique qualifications, experience and expertise lead many recognized design firms and leading professional liability insurance carriers to seek our services.

With more than 40 years of combined litigation experience between our partners, and a focus on construction law, we have an unparalleled understanding of the application of law on the design/construction industry. We are keenly aware of the details of our clients’ day-to-day practice, along with the complex terminology and specific procedures design professionals follow, and also have thorough knowledge of applicable case law developments, statutory interpretation and application.

We have represented design professionals in all manner of legal proceedings, and also represent design professionals in fee collection issues and in responding to TBAE and TBPE Board complaints.

Professional Practice Counsel for Design Professionals

Through our extensive experience in counseling design professionals, we have a keen understanding that many potential issues can be effectively addressed by seeking early advice on a project. We know how to work swiftly and efficiently to mitigate disputes that might adversely affect a design professional’s client relationship or proceed into legal disputes. That’s why our goal is to effectively counsel our clients in their daily practice with strategic and sound advice. We aim to address legal concerns that enable our clients to do what they do best—focus on their work.

We are knowledgeable in handling all of the details in a design professional’s practice, from negotiating contracts, to day-to-day practice issues, and responding to the wide range of documents generated by owners, contractors and lending institutions. We are a trusted resource that design practitioners, large and small, rely on to provide advice on these documents and issues that might arise during the design and construction process.

Intellectual Property as Related to Design Professionals

We know our clients invest time, energy and resources in producing unique and creative work, and face an increasingly complicated environment when aiming to safeguard intellectual property. We readily assist professionals looking to protect their hard-earned intellectual property.